Paper folded Christmas Tree

Paper Christmas Trees

First find a piece of paper - I've always been fascinated by maps and this year I've had the opportunity to use vintage maps on shelves, cupboards, hook racks and chairs.

Upcycled bookcase with map lining

All this making resulted in lots of map scraps and not being one to waste a resource particuarlly such a decorative one I started folding.

Bring on the trees, boats and one of my old favourites hearts.

To make the tree you need:

  • a square piece of paper
  • a pair of scissors
  • a hard surface to fold your paper on to create sharp creases

Take your square piece of paper and fold horizontally, vertically and diagonally 

Open up your square and turn it so that you are looking at a diamond

Push the centre fold back into the shape - you will create a diamond on each outer face with folds inside 

Fold the outer edge to the middle at the front - turn over and repeat

Open the side fold and invert - folding the shape inside itself - repeat on all the edges

Take your scissors and cut off the lower part - smaller triangle

Then cut the outer edges towards the centre stopping before you get to the middle

Fold each corner down working your way round each face of your tree

Your tree is ready and can be used in lots of ways - it can be hung on a string, popped on a cocktail stick and onto a cork pot base.