Robots, Botniks and Dogbots

Our range of Robots

First find a pair of legs…………

Each robot is unique and is created from elements that have inspired us.

A fuel can makes a great torso, car pistons can be a well-turned pair of legs and bike cranks make great arms. Box brownies have an anthropomorphic look to them and make great heads.

The bulb holders are strategically placed to add even more character and the BC bulbs can be vintage style or rough service golf ball.


Oil pourers and measures have a lovely look – we find them in a variety of sizes and enjoy transforming them into a clanger, mouse, mole ………

The bulb holders are chosen to complement their size and we use BC and SBC bulbs to create their piercing eyes.


Turn a vintage sprayer on its side and you have the waggiest tail. Add some copper pipe legs and an ES vintage bulb creates a head.

All our lights are made to conform to the standards required by the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 and are considered as modified electrical equipment. We can supply spare bulbs as required and we can advise on bulb options.