Vintage Blowtorch sidelight

Steampunk style vintage blowtorch light.

In the past most buildings had wooden doors and windows which needed regular maintenance and most houses would have a blowtorch in their toolbox. Powered by paraffin, now relegated to the shed or the very back of a cupboard, vintage blowtorches are one of our regular finds and make great sidelights especially when partnered with a vintage filament tailwhip bulb. 

The first blowtorch was patented in France in 1791. However, it was the Swedes who created what we today recognise as a blowtorch. In 1882 the Swede C. R. Nyberg designed a blowtorch that featured a vaporising technique allowing the user to create a hotter flame. He had his own factory from the early 1890s producing blowtorches and from 1883 began to collaborate with Max Sievert - which is the name we frequently see on the Swedish blowtorches we find.

Blowtorch Lamp

A generous length of plastic flex is fitted with a black inline switch and black plug with a 3 amp fuse.

All our lights are made to conform with the standards required by the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 and are considered as modified electrical equipment.

The Steampunk story

"Steampunk" is a term originally used by science fiction author K. W. Jeter to describe works of science fiction and fantasy in the late 1980's. Now "steampunk" can be used to describe fashion, music, engineering and for some lifestyle - defined as an inspired movement of creativity and imagination and the integration of man and machine.

The “punk” in “Steampunk” comes from going against convention that, through creativity and declaration of one’s individuality be it through style, gadgets, or attitude, sets one apart.

Our lights are made from objects we have salvaged and found, we combine them to create an individual "one-off a kind" light.

There's nothing like a light on the side to create the right mood in a room.

We usually use an E14 vintage pulled tail 230v bulb which are available from us and online marketplaces.