What does a good restoration look like?

Yellow Anglepoise Lamp on blue background

We love a bit of history and every object we work with has a story to tell.

How do you retain the integrity and authenticity of a piece while making it something that someone wants to live with and giving it a new lease of life?

When we work on a customer commission or something that has found our way to us by another route we ask ourselves a series of questions.

How do we make sure we’re adding value?

Should it look like new or show the marks of the life its lived?

This stylish 1970's anglepoise 90 came to us in a murky colour and a significant loss of the original paint finish on the shade and the base - as well as original dodgy wiring.

Anglepoise lamp before restoration
To give this lovely functional lamp a look that will keep it relevant and useful for several more years - we decided to spraypaint it in a bright primary colour giving it a new look and a new finish.

Eric took it apart to spray it a lovely shade of yellow, rebuilt it and rewired it to comply with modern electrical standards.

Yellow Anglepoise Lamp
What will the answers be next time?