Vintage Mincer lamp

Vintage Mincer lamp

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Vintage Mincer

On a base of reclaimed wood a classic vintage mincer with a red handle.

A BC22 vintage style LED bulb with a switched bulb holder

The lamp has a generous length of turquoise fabric covered flex plug with a 3 amp fuse.

A one-off beautiful,decorative functional light.

Our lights are made from objects we have salvaged and found, we combine them to create an individual "one-off a kind" light.

There's nothing like a light on the side to create the right mood in a room.

All our lights are made to conform with the standards required by the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 and are considered as modified electrical equipment.

JaneR Designs breathe new life into old things

Using items diverted from landfill, obsolete objects and vintage ephemera from the last century we create products that fit in a modern home.

Each product is individual and unique and our upcycled range is constantly changing and evolving in response to the salvage we find.

Our designs are one of a kind, often using reclaimed and salvaged items.

If an item you like is sold out please get in touch and we can discuss creating something similar but unique.

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